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Real Brides : Hayley

Hayley writes about Margaret Annya;

I can’t express how happy I am with my wedding dress… it was exactly what I wanted!

IT WAS PERFECT! All the delicate work that went into it, all hand stitched, with lace motifs, swarovski crystals and pearls.

Margaret offered a wide range of silks, satins, laces and crystals. All in various colours and designs. I was blown away by the quality and choice of materials she uses.

Margaret made me feel so special and always listened to my opinions as I kept changing my mind!

Unfortunately I have a medical condition where my tummy grossly swell’s, Margaret was so professional in facilitating this, whilst making my dress. Margaret makes the most beautiful dress’s and I would definitely recommend her to any future Bride and I know she would make their day as special as she made mine.


Photography by Treasured Forever



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